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We Stand on Ceremony

Ceremony has a place, doesn’t it?  I mean, in the US, we have ceremonies for a variety of thing, whether weddings, holidays, graduations or end of the soccer season.  We like to celebrate. As Choix, we believe that it is important to establish ritual and ceremony, to allow our students to understand the value of … Continued

On the road again . . .

Please stay posted to this spot in the next few days since we take off for Mirebalais on Sunday. 

Join us for Lunch?

Take a peek inside our cafeteria and our kitchen.  We are really so very proud of the work of our head chef and lunch ladies, along with our nutritious meals for our students.  In fact, in a recent pen pal project in which they engaged with the Town School, several children identified our lunch as … Continued

A Tree Grows in Haiti

Dr. Mary sends a photograph today and explains that students are planting the national tree of Haiti as part of a lesson about the items depicted on the flag, all in honor of  Flag Day this past Friday.

Moise the Multitasker . . .

Dr. Mary writes: What I want to point out here is that in the photo of the students holding the books (at right), you will see that there are several levels of books being used! Moise [our second grade teacher] “differentiates” his classroom … He provides different levels of activities to the children based on their abilities. … Continued

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