We value the whole student. At Choix, we strive for academic achievement, while we also honor the whole student, both inside and outside the classroom.

  • Academic quality: We demonstrate measurable year-over- year improvement in our students’ academic achievements.

  • Academic progress and retention: Choix graduates receive a scholarship, which allows them to continue to middle school and beyond, contingent on their active participation in the Choix after-school alumni program. This program includes tutoring, mentoring and extracurriculars designed to maintain Choix’s academic quality level as our students proceed to other institutions.

  • Athletic achievements: Choix athletes are not only among the best in the county but have qualified for the Junior Olympics, while maintaining passing grades required to compete. Extracurriculars: We offer a variety of extracurricular activities to engage our students, including dance classes and a tournament-ranked chess club.

  • Student citizenship: Choix students are committed to and respect Choix values, which are embedded in all we do. At weekly assemblies and in both classroom and extracurricular work, we ensure that our activities and aspirations are aligned with our guiding values.

  • Safety and security: Through earthquake, fire and other security drills for our students, faculty and entire community, all are well prepared to react in the quickest and safest manner.

We value our faculty.  Choix offers its students a faculty with university degrees and teaching certificates, while teachers throughout the rest of rural Haiti often have only a 6th grade education and, on average, a 9th grade degree.

  • Professional development: Our faculty receive ongoing development opportunities, allowing them to better engage students and families.

  • Rich learning environments: Our faculty members are committed to innovative methods of teaching, learning and capacity-building, including the smart integration of technology into our curriculum and approaches.

We value our Choix community. In order to provide a high-quality learning experience, we have collaborative, respectful and engaging partnerships with our Choix stakeholders, including parents, our local community, local suppliers, healthcare providers, local and global partner non- profits, our contributors, and others.

  • Parent engagement: We have exceptionally committed parents who actively contribute to the life of the school through our Parent Committee and our regularly scheduled Parent Meetings.

  • Healthcare: Choix provides a full-time onsite Registered Nurse and, with her help, all students are registered for care at the local Partners in Health hospital.