Transparency at the core.

Transparency at the core. Education through Choix is not only sustainable but it also is reliable through its transparency. Choix operates with 100% candor and disclosure with regard to its activities and financials and builds capacity in Haiti by employing practically all Haitians to staff the school.

Choix is truly distinct from other rural Haitian schools! Here’s why:

Leadership! Choix teaches Haitian students in a trilingual environment on the basis of ethical decision-making and responsibility, while modeling and teaching about leadership.

Meal Program! Haitian children in poverty often eat less than a meal a day, placing them at some of the highest rates in the world for malnutrition, threatening fatality. Choix offers both a morning snack and a warm lunch, which encourages families to send their children to Choix every day, and improves these children’s ability to learn and grow.

Gender Balance! Because tuition is discretionary, and can be paid over the course of the year (unlike other rural schools), parents can send both their sons and daughters to Choix. So, Choix is able to retain an equal mix of boys and girls. When paying for school is difficult, parents often choose to educate only their sons.

Extra-curriculars! Choix offers not only an education option to students but an extremely high-caliber one. Classroom learning is enriched with extra-curricular activities such as lessons on equality and inclusion, health, anti-bullying and non-violence, and sexual orientation (practically unheard of in Haiti).

Skilled Teaching Staff! Choix’s teachers have university educations and teaching certifications with an average class ratio of 15:1, which is exceptional, literally – normal Haitian rural schools usually have classrooms of 50 students, often outdoors, with teachers who often have barely a 6th grade education themselves.

Much More! Choix has a technology lab, an on-site nurse, a world-class curriculum, clean water, athletics (the highest ranked track team in its region), arts, parent education, and more.